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Appointments preferably should be scheduled prior to the date. For an appointment, call 260.266.8120 or
1-800-727-8439, ext. 68120. Walk-in openings are available depending on schedule.

All locations are in Fort Wayne unless otherwise noted.

Please note: Breast Diagnostic Center (BDC) performs the screening. For women who have insurance, they will bill the insurance company. If the patient does not have insurance but has the ability to pay, the BDC offers a reduced rate if paid the day of the screening. For women without insurance, a high deductible, or resources to pay, funding is available.



6/26/2019 Parkview Noble Center for Healthy Living - 402 Sawyer Rd, Kendallville

6/27/2019 Signature Healthcare - 1529 W Lancaster St, Bluffton

6/28/2019 Signature Healthcare - 6006 Brandy Chase Cove, Fort Wayne


7/2/2019 PNC Bank -- 110 W. Berry St, FW
7/3/2019 PPG New Haven -- 1331 Minnich Rd, New Haven
7/5/2019 Kroger Kendallville -- 310 W. North St, Kendallville
7/8/2019 Parkview Warsaw Hospital -- 1355 Mariners Dr, Warsaw
7/10/2019 Peabody Retirement Community -- 400 W 7th St, North Manchester
7/11/2019 Century Link, -- 248 W Monroe St, Decatur
7/12/2019 Parkview Health & Fitness -- 3000 E. State Blvd, FW
7/15/2019 PPG Shipshewana -- 8175 W US 20, Shipshewana
7/18/2019 Life Care Center -- 0770 N 075 E, LaGrange
7/22/2019 PPG Ligonier -- 1464 Lincoln Way, Ligonier
7/23/2019 Allen County Fair -- 2726 Carroll Rd, FW
7/25/2019 Sweetwater -- 5501 US-30, Fort Wayne
7/26/2019 Health Visions -- 2135 S. Hanna St #300, FW
7/29/2019 85 Hope Clinic -- 3563 IN-13, Wabash
7/30/2019 Center for Behavioral Health -- 3910 Lima Rd, FW
7/31/2019 DeBrand -- 10105 Auburn Park Drive, FW


8/1/2019 Shipshewana Town Hall, 760 S Van Buren St, Shipshewana
8/3/2019 Brandt's Harley-Davidson -- 1400 Cass Street, Wabash, IN
8/5/2019 Rothberg, Logan & Warsco. -- 505 E Washington, Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN
8/7/2019 St. Joseph Township Trustee 6033 Maplecrest Rd, Fort Wayne, IN
8/8/2019 Topeka Fire Department -- 180 Crossfire Dr, Topeka, IN
8/10/2019 Faith Lutheran Church -- 1700 E. Pettit Ave, Fort Wayne, IN
8/12/2019 Towne House -- 2209 St Joe Center Rd, Fort Wayne, IN
8/13/2019 Auburn Village Rehab -- 1751 Wesley Rd, Auburn, IN
8/14/2019 Tangles Salon -- 6724 E State Blvd, FW
8/21/2019 Graphic Packaging -- 301 S.Progress Dr. E, Kendallville, IN
8/24/2019 Allen County Fairgrounds, 2726 Carroll Rd, FW
8/26/2019 USSI -- 4868 E Park 30 Dr, Columbia City, IN
8/27/2019 Jorgensen Family YMCA -- 10313 Aboite Cntr Rd., Fort Wayne, IN
8/28/2019 Parkview Noble Center for Healthy Living -- 402 Sawyer Rd, Kendallville, IN

To schedule a mammogram, call 260-266-8120. To schedule a visit of the mobile mammography coach at your site, contact Marita Dwight-Smith, Director of Francine's Friends Mobile Mammography, at 260-266-6216. 













Francine’s Friends Mobile Mammography is a partnership between Francine’s Friends, Parkview Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Breast Diagnostic Center.

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"This facility is a prototype for how all breast exam facilities should be. Atmosphere is everything. This is the first exam that didn’t hurt, probably due to the relaxing atmosphere and very friendly staff. I am thankful for the care put into this facility. Very much appreciated with gracious gratitude!"
Jean Marie Boykins


> North: 3707 New Vision Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46845; 260-266-8120

> Carew Street: 2110 Carew St., Fort Wayne, IN 46805; 260-373-8232


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