Preparing For A Mammogram

September 15, 2016

A screening mammogram can be scheduled by you or your physician. Here are a few things to do to in preperation for your mammogram.

1. Do not wear deodorant, talcum powder, or lotion under your arms or on your breasts the day of the exam. These sometimes appear as calcifications on the mammogram. Should you wear any of these, we do provide wet wipes to remove it and spray deodorant for after your exam.

2. Inform your technician if you are experiencing any breast symptoms. Ie. Mass, pain, etc. Also inform your technician if there is any possibility that you are pregnant.

3. If possible, obtain any prior mammograms and make them available to the radiologist at the time of your current exam.

4. Ask when your results will be available. If you do not hear from your doctor or our office feel free to give us a call and we can check into that for you.

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“I have been going to Breast Diagnostic Center for many years, and the technicians have always been really caring and professional. It’s a good feeling knowing you are going to a facility that doesn’t feel so clinical. The process is easy and they take great care of their patients.”

Sheryl Seelig


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